Foam copper + copper plate, heat exchanger, radiator, new product

Cu Foam + copper plate,heat exchanger,heat sink,new productCu Foam + copper plateHeat transfer coefficient:>6w/(m2k) Mechanical strength:≥2.5MPa Tensile strength:5-18KPa Pore size:0.1-10mm Porosity:60-98% Through-hole rate:≥98 Volume density:>0.15/cm3PP

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Cu Foam + copper plate,heat exchanger,heat sink,new product

Cu Foam + copper plate
Heat transfer coefficient:>6w/(m2k) 

Mechanical strength:≥2.5MPa 
Tensile strength:5-18KPa 
Pore size:0.1-10mm 
Through-hole rate:≥98 
Volume density:>0.15/cm3
PPi(number of pore per inch):5-130 
Application: Heat dissipation material, heat-absorbing material, chemical catalytic carrier material, electromagnetic shielding material, filter material, damping material, battery electrode material, sound-absorbing material, high-grade decoration material, etc. 
Porous Battery Metal Copper Foam for Fuel Research.
Porous Metal Copper Foam has the good performance of thermal conductivity,it has been widely used in electronic / electrical and electronic components of the heat field. 

 Cu Foam + Copper Plate, Heat Exchanger, Heat Sink, New Product
Due to Porous Metal Copper Foam's excellent conductivity, it has been paid great industrial concerns in the field of electrode material,nickel-zinc batteries and electric double layer capacitors field.

LS metal is a true metal skeletal structure. It is not a sintered, coated, or plated product. Its purity is typically that of the parent alloy metal, with no voids, inclusions, or entrapments.

Cu Foam + Copper Plate, Heat Exchanger, Heat Sink, New Product
The matrix of cells and ligaments is completely repeatable, regular, and uniform throughout the entirety of the material.Metal foam is a rigid, highly porous and permeable structure and has a controlled density of metal per unit volume.

1. Excellent mechanical property and processability;
2. Extraordinary electricity and heat conductivity;
3. Massive intricate, lattice-like inner structure
4. Excellent ability of corrosion resistance, superior tensile strength, favorable ductility;
5. Magnificent electromagnetic shielding ability.

Cu Foam + Copper Plate, Heat Exchanger, Heat Sink, New Product
The technology of producing Cu Foam + copper plate  is built on a lace microstructure which improves properties found in standard metal foams. It represents a new lightweight / high performance wick platform that solves some of the most critical thermal management challenges in the electronics sector.Copper Foam are particularly fitted to replace the current copper powder-based wick structures used industry-wide in heat pipes and vapor chambers.


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