Zirconia ceramic foam filter for metal casting

Zirconia Ceramic foam Filter Description Apply to purity the molten carbon steel, steel alloy and stanless steel.Material: ZrO2Zirconia Ceramic foam Filter1. Simplify purification of molten metal pouring system to improve the casting microstructure 2. Red

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Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter for Metal Foundry
Zirconia Ceramic foam Filter Description 
Apply to purity the molten carbon steel, steel alloy and stanless steel.
Material: ZrO2

Zirconia Ceramic foam Filter
1. Simplify purification of molten metal pouring system to improve the casting 

2. Reduce inclusions in castings to improve casting quality rate 
3. Reduce the casting internal re-oxidation defects 
4. Reduce casting machined surface defects

Technical Data:
Material: ZrO2
Colour: Yellow
Pore Density(PPi): 8~40
Porosity: 80~90%;
Refractoriness: 1700°C;
Bending Strength: 0.8~1.0 Mpa;
Copression strength: 1.0~1.2Mpa;
Density: 0.55~0.80 g/cm3
Thermal shock Resistance: 6 times /1100°C
Application: Carbon steel,steel alloy and stanless steel, and other metal in precision molding

Round shape regulate sizes:
φ40x11mm, φ40x15mm, φ50x15mm, φ50x20mm, 60x22mm,
70x22mm, 80x22mm , 90x22mm,100x22mm, 305x25mm
φ50×25mm, φ70×25mm ,φ90×25mm ,φ100×25 mm,φ125×30mm  φ150×30mm

Square shape common sizes:
φ40x40x13mm, φ40x40x15mm, φ50x50x15mm, φ50x50x22mm, φ75x75x22mm,
φ50x75x22mm, φ100x75x22mm, φ100x100x22mm, φ55x55x15mm, φ150x150x22mm

***Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter could be produced according as per your demand.***

 Feature  CFZ 
 Material  Zirconia
Temperature(celsius degree) ≤1700  
 PPI 10~60  
 Porsity(%)  70~80  
 Hardness (Mpa)  ≥1.5
 Density (g/cm3) ≤1  
 Thermal Stability(1100 celsius degree/per time) 2
 AI2O3 (%) 10~35 
  SiO2  (%) 0~5
 SiC  (%) _  
  ZrO2 (%)>70
 Others (%) 0~10
 ApplicationSteel Casting  

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